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We welcome your visit to Believers Christian Fellowship's website. We hope you find your time here, informative and encouraging.

Believers is a place where you can worship God in Spirit and in Truth with the freedom given to you by God.

Believers is a place where we believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who is the Head of the church. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and to be conformed to His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Believers is a place where we rely and operate with the power of God. After the morning message, an altar call or invitation is given to all. Prayer meetings are formed. This is a time when the Spirit of God does His best work. Lives are touched and transformed. Prayers are answered, salvation is found, the sick are healed, and the power of God is displayed.

Believers is a place where all Scripture is embraced as our ultimate authority in all that we do. God's Word is truth —it is that simple. We strive to keep that truth simple, so all may understand and apply it in our daily lives.

Our fellowship embraces God's Word in our teaching, and our preaching, but we go one step further. We strive to apply God's Word to our daily living. According to the Bible, "true religion" is nothing more than "love in action."

It is my prayer and the desire of my heart that you find that "love in action" at Believers..

We thank you for your interest in Believers
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to make your virtual visit a real one,
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Pastor Perry Taylor
Pastor Perry M. Taylor
welcomes you to Believers

Believers Christian Fellowship, is a non-denominational Christian Church, located in the beautiful Hill Country, north of San Antonio, Texas.

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